The Chicken and Egg of Design and Content

The tug of war between content and design is both the most frustrating and inspiring moment of any project.

A recent blog post from InVision encourages designers to insist on final content before design even begins. Whether that makes content the chicken or the egg, you tell me. But I can’t say I agree that it needs to come first.

At House, Kate Ferrara handles the bulk of design while I tackle a lot of the copy. We’ve been working together for quite some time, so there is a natural comfort and flow when we collaborate. But we definitely don’t follow a linear, step-by-step process (we realize this probably makes some copywriters and designers lose their minds). In fact, sometimes Kate comes up with the best copy while she is designing, and I drive UX or UI direction based on what I’m writing.

When it comes to making websites, products, apps, etc., crafting the vision of “it” is the only mandatory first step. The next action should be determined by the best way to achieve that vision. Sometimes, this means starting with design; other times, it requires content to come first. Either way, designers and copywriters should work together to craft the experience, not in order.

Bottom line: don’t restrict yourself or your team to the chicken or the egg. It’s more important that you understand how you can best work together to create something awesome.

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