You’re Probably Not As Relatable As You Think

I’ve lost track of how many websites keep tabs on the number of cups of coffee a company consumes. It was cute the first time it was done. Now, it’s just annoying.

I love when a company personifies itself. It instantly feels more personal and relatable. But how exactly is a coffee counter supposed to relate to me, the customer? Cool, we both drink coffee. Or maybe you just need a lot of caffeine to make it through your day. As a customer, that doesn’t make me feel emotionally connected to your brand at all.

You can’t just personify your company. You must, in some way, personify your customer and make it relate to your company. What does your customer want to know you’re doing that somehow has an effect on him or her?

Your coffee counter is cute, but you’re overly commoditizing your brand. What was once a Furby on the aisle endcap is now in the .99 bin. When it comes to sharing who you are as a brand, make it count.

Take a Bite is a series written by Heather that delivers bite-sized ramblings about all things UX, design and the like.

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