Week 11 NFL Slate Breakdown

So I normally only break down the main Sunday slate. However, since this is my first crack at the NFL breakdown on House Money Fantasy, I am going to throw the Monday night guys in here as well. Obviously they will not work if you are not playing a Monday slate, but I figure, why the hell not?

Many of you have read my NBA slate breakdowns, but like most of you football is my favorite sport. Do not get me wrong, I love basketball, but if I had to pick any sport over the other it would always be football. (Except when my kids grow up and want to play, then it is all about baseball)

We have 13 games this week now that the big bye weeks have started to dwindle down. Well, 12 on the Sunday slate and that extra game I am throwing in here for free. I know, I am a great guy like that. Alright, I was forced not to charge you for any of this. If it was up to me you’d be paying $100 per view of this article. Yes, per view, not per article. Visit it twice and I’m more than a quarter of the way to my new television.

Alright, so you are probably asking why the hell doesn’t this guy shut up and get on to the games already? Well, this is my style and if you do not like it just scroll down to the the good stuff. Just know that there are no hard feelings. It isn’t like I will throw a fit and stomp my feet like a two year-old because someone did not like my article. Ugh, that’s it…the article is done! Good luck figuring out the plays of the week on your own!


Okay…I calmed down now. Just know that I am a Bears fan so when it comes to football I have little to cheer about other than fantasy. From now on I will use the the Smoking Jay Cutler approach and just blow everything off like it doesn’t matter…


Before I get started (I know, you are like what the hell man, just get on with it already!), I want to point out that we have a YouTube channel. On there we do live consensus lineup builders with some of our experts and although Week 11 ran into technical difficulties, the content was still on point. Click here to check it out and make sure to hit that subscribe button!

Okay, finally let us start out with tight end. Wait! What? Just kidding…onto the quarterbacks.


Upper Echelon

Tom Brady: $7,800 @ SF — Cash

Brady did not find the end zone last week. Instead, LeGarrette Blount scored three rushing touchdowns. I think this is an anomaly and we will see Brady score not once, but at least twice. He does not have enough upside for me to use in GPP lineups at this price, but I’m okay with him in cash. San Francisco is ranked 25th in Defense DVOA and has given up the eighth most fantasy points to the quarterback position over the last three weeks. Brady is obviously in play.

Aaron Rodgers: $7,600 @ WAS — Cash

As a Bears fan I am taking great pleasure in seeing the Packers fail most weeks. That said, I do not have a leg to stand on when making fun of their teams as the Bears look to be the second worst team in football. Rodgers has a plethora of weapons though and has been hitting the yardage numbers that we did not see from him late last season and to start 2016. Just like Brady, I think the matchup is decent enough for him to hit cash value, but I do not see the upside here for GPP lineups. Too many better options that are cheaper in my opinion.

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