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A Soul Wrapped in Fur

© Dennett — Javi the Mouse

Each life in nature,
a gift deserving respect.
A soul wrapped in fur
needing help, what could I do?
Sometimes we save each other.

© Dennett 2021

Hello, Poets,

I rescued an injured wild mouse almost three weeks ago. She’s permanently disabled and will live the rest of her life as my pet.

The day before I found Javi the Mouse, my third grandchild was born more than a thousand miles away. Although I was happy that mother and baby are healthy and well, I was sad that I can’t be with my daughter and granddaughter. This little mouse came into my life at the moment I needed a distraction. I rescued her but she also saved me from depression.

What does saved mean to you? Have you been rescued? Have you rescued someone else? Please, tell us in haiku/tanka/monoku form.

Tracy Aston and I look forward to reading your responses.





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