House of Haiku
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House of Haiku

afternoon tanka

a series of tanka

Photo by Malachi Brooks on Unsplash

deer hooves softly tap
as they walk unhurriedly
across city streets
a robin gently twitters
starling flock chatters in tongues

a feral cat eats
nervous, twitching: he glances
over his shoulder
at every sound and movement
golden eyes glowing wildly




Haiku is a form of poetry usually inspired by nature, which embraces simplicity. We invite all poetry lovers to have a go at composing Haiku. Be warned. You could become addicted.

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Rhonda Marrone

Rhonda Marrone

Poetry and Essay Writer. Be Open Editor. Lover of all things nature. You can most likely find me sitting under a tree ,watching birds, writing poems.

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