House of Haiku
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House of Haiku

Disappearing act.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

Each day gets heavy,

heavier than yesterday,

and your soul feels dry.

All the doors seem shut,

the walls close down to swallow,

soul swimming in angst.

Remember to smile,

you will disappear one day,

someday, that's for sure.

Before you vanish,

do something worth looking back,

something to cherish.

From the author

Hey there lovely reader,

Thanks for spending your precious time reading my little piece. I hope you enjoyed it. If you love my writing, feel free to follow my account to be updated with my latest works. I am really happy and count myself lucky to be able to share my soul with you. Goodbye for now but I expect you on my next post!

Until then stay safe and keep smiling!



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Pratik Routray

Pratik Routray

poet,writer and haiku addict,my goal:to leave behind a collection of memories through my various works, which will endure long after I have vanished from earth!