Freewheeling Galah’s

April 7th, 2019, Haiku prompt “free”

Freewheeling Galahs

pink bloodstained breasts silhouettes

against clean blue sky

On my morning walk this morning at sunrise, a flock of beautiful grey and pink galah’s flew overhead squawking in glee and full of happiness in the early morning sun. They are so cheeky and when they are on the ground seeking seed, they chirp and humph delightfully making grunts of joy each time they locate a seed to munch on. They inspired me to include them in the haiku prompt for this week.

Haiku is a form of poetry usually inspired by nature, which embraces simplicity. It is composed of 17 syllables in three lines (5, 7, 5). We invite all poetry lovers to have a go at composing Haiku. Be warned. You could become addicted.

PROMPT: Write a haiku or tanka using the weekly prompt word “free” (or a derivative).

SUGGESTION: Here is a free haiku syllable counter.