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House of Haiku

Hearts Adrift

A Haiku Series

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Poetry Challenge Day 1- Delving into the watery realms of emotion


poets and dreamers

we ride waves of emotions

surfing highs and lows


we’ve sailed together

across a deep connection

through a sea of words


but my love was drowned

in a pool of compromise

hearts were set adrift


ablaze with anger

when the flow of our current

abruptly changed course


afloat rudderless

in deep waters of despair

with no more words left


I sank into it

that feeling of emptiness

awash in my loss


self reflection brought

crashing waves of catharsis

followed by stillness


but turning inward

I found an island of calm

a survival raft


with mindfulness came

awareness that my rudder

was here all along


it was always me

swimming in liquid courage

no vessel needed


emotions fuel growth

they’re all but temporary

keep on diving in

Thank you Jupiter Grant for sharing the 30 day poetry challenge from Know Thyself, Heal Thyself! If you would like to try the challenge yourself, visit the link below for each of the prompts.



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