Living in the Now

Philip Siddons
House of Haiku
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Sep 13, 2021


Image by Sammie Chaffin on unsplash.

Fate boasts only of


It is so boring.

Worried about when?

As of yet, when hasn’t come.

Instead, think of now.

If not now, then when?

Living your life fully beats

Living fearfully.

Future fear robs you.

It blinds you to all the good.

Fear does rob you blind.

Now is much cooler.

It has everything you need.

Now is yours to keep.

The precious present.

It holds past and the future.

Life is in your eyes.

Joy lives presently.

Hope dances in your children.

Laughter mocks worries.

You see, the present

Embodies all the magic

Coming from your life.



Philip Siddons
House of Haiku

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