Wild Heart

a haiku, inspired by the Mumford and Sons song, by same name

Wild Heart

Alluring charm, your
wild heart, it broke me, sadly
this path, that chose me.


Thanks to LB for tagging me (in a round about way:), in your, as always, inspiring article: 9 Music Memories.

This is my plan: a differently structured poem, a day, for nine days, as my way of sharing my music and the poems they inspired.

Below is a quick look at the idea but you should take a look at the LB original article for a better idea.

As an homage to the power and impact of music, I’m starting a “nostalgia challenge” by sharing 9 personal music memories, in no particular order…

Here are my “9 oh-so-lucky-ones” — you now have been tagged to share your 9 musical memories so we can all be inspired:)

Blue Fences , Christy Waltz , Glenna Gill , Gia Orlando , kurt gasbarra , anna breslin , Michelle Klieger , Genevieve McVann , Simon Ternyik

Have fun, all of you! And, if you have already been tagged, well, I guess you are extra lucky today:) Maybe you should do 18 songs:)

🕊 Namasté, Leah

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