“You shall tread upon the lion . . . “ Psalm 91:13a


Come out of the hiding places, the time of boldness is upon you — to preach the Good News, to heal the brokenhearted — to bring the captive out of captivity. There is a new confidence — a new anointing for these days — to speak for the Kingdom of God.

The words from your mouth, will be excellent — will be powerful and effective.

Remove your hands from the words, and let the Holy Spirit come in Quality and Quantity, not hindering His Move through you.

React with the Peace of God within you — there will be a whisper in your ear, when you are to speak and not to speak. Do not concern yourself with the words, just lay down every personal desire and release your heart to speak.

From your lips — will come praise and worship, prayers that are powerful and effective. Years of treasure has been stockpiling within you — a Kingdom Mystery, refined gold — enough for the moment at hand. It is poured out, His Blood will be fresh and the Resurrection current.

You will bring the death and the resurrection of our God into fullness — amongst the people of the land. Favor is upon your head — and your steps will be sure. Inquiry of the Lord — brings swift responses from His Holy Place. Your ears are attuned to every Word and Sound from His Mouth and Heart.

Save those that are lost.

God loves them — and wants all to Live and not perish — but the Truth must be released.

Save those that are broken.

“Jesus Paid it all — all to Him I owe — sin has left a crimson stain — but He washed it white as snow” IHOP-KC 5:08 a.m.

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