How Long Is Forever

Chapter 5 of a serialized vampire series

Sakari Lacross
House Of Preservation
5 min readMar 20


Nightfall came about. Companying Hendrix, the two of us walked outside through the campus grounds to reach Al’s dorm.

“Tonight is the night, Dawn. Tonight, is the night that I get a kiss from Lisa,” Hendrix spoke with energy.

“I believe you pal,” I agreed, cheering him on. “I know you can do it. You’re gonna finally put the moves on her and win her over. Show her that you deserve her as much as the next guy does. Remember, confidence and perseverance are what wins girls over.”

Nodding in hyper burst, Hendrix added, “Got ya.”

Catching my eye in a distance, I spotted two figures walking as well. Vampires to be specific. They were on the vamps only side of campus.

Stopping in my tracks, Hendrix stopped with me. My eyes never left the sight of the two as they strolled without a care in the world.

“Go to the party Hendrix, I’ll catch up with you.”

“What?” Hendrix said back.

“I said I’ll catch up with you. I have something to do,” I repeated.

Placing both his hands on my shoulders, Hendrix stood in front of me, blocking my sight of the vampires. “Are you nuts? Are you seriously thinking about doing what I think you’re gonna do?”

“I have to Hendrix. The academy has yet to find any leads on the disappearance of my mother. Maybe those bloodsuckers would know.”

“Dawn, do you really want to-”

“I’ll be okay Hendrix,” I cut him off. “Trust me, it won’t take long. I’ll catch up with you.”

Hendrix paused for a moment, looking me in my face before he nodded, walking away afterwards. He looked back twice, before he didn’t look back anymore.

As usual, I kept my dagger strapped to my hip, tucked underneath my belt on the side.

Approaching the vamps with a fast walk as I looked around to make sure there weren’t any hunters on watch, I crossed the campus boundaries of the human domain, entering the vampire domain. The vampires knew this as well, picking up on my scent as they turned around, as soon as I was on their premises.



Sakari Lacross
House Of Preservation

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