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This Week I- 11/23/20

Weekly update

I came up with a non-exclusive marketing technique, solving most of my own (if not all) of my writing problems. As a writer, I’m very indecisive, wanting to spend as little time on a project as possible, due to me losing interest in what I write if it takes too long. Because of this, I sat and thought about how to fix that, on top of a marketing strategy. Here it is

Non-Exclusive Marketing Technique: Gain An Audience


1. Make short story collections, keeping each book of stories in the same universe

2. Make the first short story book free

3. Make all short story collections 30,000 words total (novella)

4. Spend the first month making the collection, and the following month marketing. Repeat the process

5. Be as indecisive as I want, writing stories that don’t connect(besides being in the same universe), or writing stories that do connect, making sure either way that I am not wasting time and restarting on massive book projects. This will help for when I lose interest in a single series, I can just work on a different series in the same book.

6. For the stories that are closer in connection, bounce in between them, working on another story in the same book that has nothing to do with the run-on stories. This allows a break in between series, avoiding burn out

7. Reach out to book bloggers about free books

8. Reach out to “book nerds” or anything in that category, gathering readers for season 2

9. Try to get most of the readers on Kobo

Where Readers Can Discover My Work, Without Download

10. Post on wattpad

11. Build a free audience, don’t hide things behind a paywall

12. Get as many readers as I can, putting my books in everyone’s hands

13. The publication version of these books will have 3 bonus stories in it, convincing wattpad and other ppl to get the book because of the small difference

14. Only non Exclusive books

15. Post info page with links on the front of books in wattpad, that will lead my free readers to purchasable books if they choose

16. Post free ebooks versions of some story collections, basically the same stories that will be posted on Wattpad and Medium, but available for download in ebook edition

17. Post Each short story that will be published (Except for bonus content), onto Medium and Wattpad.

Email List

18. message ppl on Facebook and Twitter with links to go and download your free books, don’t wait for email list

19. Put email list options at the back of the book, also giving readers my social media info to message me on if they want to get in contact with me or request to join my email list


20. Get ebooks into everyone's hands. Don’t worry about money yet. Just give and enjoy the readership

21. Post everything the same, no website will get special attention, not even medium.

While Readers Wait For The Next Release

22. Post little articles on all platforms that detail the process of whatever you are working on.

23. Post articles on Twitter as well, just break it up throughout the day



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