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Been working and moving a lot lately. However, I’m surprised that I can still find time to write, and watch Youtube. LOL!!

But anyway, releasing my books on all platforms is still the key. My poetry will still be available on most publishing platforms, as I have seen interesting results because of this. However, I will still like to serialize some of my projects. Doing research, I have seen that it is better to do that, on Kindle Unlimited. That may change in the future, but as of right now, I shall release serialized pieces of fiction on Kindle Unlimited, with each episode releasing every week, all building up to a much grander story. I don’t know if I am going to do this with every fiction project yet, though because of work and more things happening in life for me, I have decided this. This way, I can continue releasing fiction, as my poetry has overgrown my fiction. But yeah, I can continue releasing fiction, giving people reasons to come back every weak, and since the fiction will be divided, it shall be easier for me to edit and then publish. I will get better at this craft and my time management, but I can only do that by pushing forward. Tell me later on what you think of my serializations, as they come out.


Now that I think about it, yeah, all my pieces of fiction will be serialized…



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Sakari Lacross

Sakari Lacross

I am a poet, blogger and self published author. Relationships and creativity are my thing. I also get lost in my own thoughts sometimes…