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Cable color choices are a perfect fit

I’ve had a couple of weeks away from the project due to a minor injury. Main power cabling is now finished, and tested as working. Have some other cabling to finish once I know final placement of the parts it runs to. Pretty pleased with the results.

Love those billet combs from MNPCTECH

Have also had another crack at taking the coating off of the GPU block, without much success. Have one more idea of how to remove it which I’ll be trying later today. Powdercoat remover didn’t really do much to it, so trying sodium hydroxide as it might be anodized on. I know I could paint it, but I’m a big fan of bare metal and there’s a lot of it in other places of the build.

I just got word that I’m receiving something very interesting from Alphacool soon, really excited to share that with you all once it arrives.

Until next time, Mod on!

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