Photo of HAIR by Bethany Puterbaugh

Chicago Music Premiere: HAIR’s “Surrender to the Void” from Tall Pat Records 7"

The long-haired psych rockers are committed to only the heaviest sounds

by Katie Ingegneri

Chicago winter has returned with a vengeance, lulling us out of our false sense of global warming-induced, springlike security. C’est la vie. All the more reason to listen to some good music and warm up with some whiskey. (Or Malört, for the truly hardcore Chicagoans among us.)

HAIR is here to get us going with some hard-rocking, psychedelic jams to fuzz your winter blues away. Their newly released 7", aptly titled “HAIR 2017” on Bandcamp, is now available from Tall Pat Records in fine record store establishments all over this fine rock-appreciating city of ours.

Check out “Surrender to the Void,” a hard-rocking, fuzzed-out track to make you forget there’s still snow on the ground.

Their bio provides some insight into the ethos behind this project: “HAIR, is the current musical arm of the Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty to Long Haired Men, a group founded by DAVID BOWIE in 1964. Members of HAIR live to a code that mandates shoulder length hair at a minimum. Like the straight hard rock bands of the 70s and 90s (but not the 80s, that shit sucked) before them, the group is dedicated to the heaviest and loudest sounds allowed. Together HAIR define long haired heavy psych rock in the 22nd Century.”

With album art by Joe Schorgl of Chicago punks The Sueves, HAIR is a welcome heavy-rocking addition to the best rock scene in the land — Chicago. It’s where it’s at. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready for their shows about town!

Album art by Joe Schorgl

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