Chicago Music Premiere: “Why Won’t You Wait” by The Rubs on HoZac Records LP “Impossible Dream”

The multi-talented king of rock n roll Joey Rubbish is back at it with entirely self-produced album

by Katie Ingegneri

Very excited to be premiering “Why Won’t You Wait” off The Rubs’ new LP “Impossible Dream” on legendary Chicago rock label HoZac Records. Project conceptor, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Joey Rubbish, aka Joe Montanaro, also happens to be the creator of the Houseshow logo and homepage header, as I had made his acquaintance at a series of Chicago shows when the magazine was getting going in spring 2015. Joey’s exciting houseshows and performances on bills with my friends like The Symposium helped wake me up to the established Logan Square-oriented garage rock scene, which I loved as it blended all my favorite things — 60s style pop, garage rock n roll, and punk. There’s kinda nothing better than finding you live in the epicenter of bands playing your favorite kinds of music — and Joey might just be the king when it comes to cranking out these jams, exemplified on this new LP.

Joey Rubbish, from The Rubs’ HoZac Records page

The intensely prolific Joey is a non-stop bundle of rock energy, constantly touring, starting various music projects, illustrating, doing photography, and, in the case of the new Rubs LP, writing all the songs and playing all the instruments. I believe the previous Rubs LP, “The Rubs Are Trash” from Tall Pat Records, featured more musicians as in his live shows, but this one, “Impossible Dream,” is all Joey. It’s also less “trashy,” gritty punk than his previous outing, flirting with country-tinged rock and cleaner pop sounds, all undeniably catchy.

As HoZac label proprietor Todd Novak says, “It’s a unique record in that he wrote and played every instrument, as well as recorded & produced it, very few others have been able to do it all like that — maybe Jay Reatard, Rich Crook, and Jered from The Ponys, but it’s a rare thing to be able to do all the parts.”

The full album is now live on Spotify, but be sure to pre-order the vinyl LP from the HoZac Records store online! And I’m sure you can go snag copies at your favorite record shop like Bric a Brac or Reckless Records soon. Rock n roll, man. It’s alive and kicking hard here in Chitown.

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