Montreal’s Couleur Dessin is the Eclectic Art Pop You Need In Your Life

The Canadian two-piece’s debut LP is out June 2nd on Fixture Records

by Katie Ingegneri

Spring and summer is a great time to get into new music — and have I got a treat for you: Couleur Dessin, from Montreal, Canada!

Readers of this Chicago-based magazine will know my soft spot for Montreal: my former home city during my university years at McGill, home to indie rock favorites Ought and Tim Darcy, and home to established DIY label Fixture Records, who are releasing Couleur Dessin’s self-titled debut LP (and whose release for The Submissives I covered in the past.) Fixture Records has also released music for great DIY indie artists like Homeshake, Dirty Beaches and Sheer Agony. Add Couleur Dessin to the list of bands to check out. (I know I personally have to catch up on all these releases!)

Couleur Dessin is a “guitar pop two-piece” formed by Christian Simmons (Lantern, Sheer Agony, Phern) & his partner Anne-Lise Griffon. They “fuse improvisational live-to-tape composition, musique concrète experimentation, surrealist bilingual cut-up lyrics, and a gear-loose guitar pop sensibility to create psychedelic pop music that is eclectic, inclusive, and catchy,” according to Fixture.

Far from being a hard-to-listen-to or inaccessible experimental group, Couleur Dessin’s album is full of catchy moments collaged into an engaging tapestry of sound that kept me interested through the entire span of 13 songs. From neo-psych-pop melodies and retro rock and roll influences, to twangy instrumental vibrations and mysterious murmurs en français, Couleur Dessin is both familiar and unlike any group you’ve ever heard. It’s an exciting release to kick off summer 2017.

I dug reading more about their influences and performance in Montreal via their page on Fixture’s SoundCloud:

The duo take inspiration from wherever they can find it: current events, the ’60s LA pop scene, French New Wave, Canterbury and Kraut Rock, art installations, instrumental exotica, old and new recording techniques, and social media all make their way into their songs. Singing in both French and English, they attempt to strike a balance between the personal and the general, leaving open the possibility of exploring every kind of composition and performance.
For their first and only performance to date, they enlisted the help of 5 other Montreal musicians who performed with them behind a glass wall, in a separate room from the audience. The sound inside the glass room was fed to the PA in the main venue, creating a separation between the audio and visual components of the performance. From three slide projectors, images were superimposed on and around the group.

Couleur Dessin’s LP comes out on June 2nd on 12" vinyl with digital download. Check out this trailer for the LP and get hip to these cool north-of-the-border cats.

Follow Couleur Dessin on Facebook and Bandcamp, and order their debut LP from Fixture Records.

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