Investment In Real Estate Should Differ According To The Market Situation Like Bulls & Bears In Stock Market.

Real Estate in India is going through its worst phase in recent years and hence, the investors have started to move to stocks & billions. But , I think that there are some rules of business and if you follow them professionally then you might earn well even in drawing market. Here are some tips by the Realty expert Aashish Paliwal . He says that investor can get better returns in recession if he possesses three qualities.




If you think of the opposites to all the if and above you fall into any of those categories then you may have to start asking yourself an essential question — “Do We have the best approach and mindset to be a trader? Having said that I remember when my wife and I also were just starting out and at social events I would be just like a rooster in the hen house who just found something wonderful to eat. It am crowing about how exactly wonderful property investing was and telling everyone they should get into it but was amazed from the negativity of some people as they would let you know every reason on the planet the reason why you shouldn’t get into the property. (How many of you have had that experience eh)?

To create matters worse when beginning investors begin they may go to a conference or event of some sort and obtain loads of great information then get home and get advice using their friends and family who are obviously experts in the field…view ..well provide you with so much advice about the reason why you shouldn’t get into investing you’d think they were.

So how do we get going then? Most people don’t take this path till later in life when they have built enough equity in their family home. What exactly happens if I don’t possess a home with loads of equity you ask and you just would like to get started now? Well of course this is determined by your present financial position but to start you of course need to make a deposit for the property and it doesn’t really matter what stage of our lives we are at, we might all use some extra money and one way my spouse and I did which was to investigate some of the many countless ways to make money .

There are lots of, a variety of ways to make money once you start educating yourself about how to get it done. So, whether you earn money from your job, supplement your earnings and speed up the procedure using a few of the different strategies mentioned within the free DVD or e-book or you currently have a heap of equity in your current home to begin, you will require a deposit. Before the global financial disaster money was quite simple to get hold of but things might have been tightened up a little bit since that time but don’t despair, you just need to keep looking until you find the right lender.

So, let’s say you want to go out and purchase your flat in group housing project for about 30 lakhs so you will require between 10–20% deposit — 3lakh to 6lakh. The next question I get asked is “what about all of that debt and how could you afford it”? Well to start with its good debt or an asset….not really a liability. Quite simply you might be buying something you know will go up in value with time provided you buy wisely and do your research not to mention become knowledgeable about property investing. Don’t just buy and go the very first thing you see or purchase it because of its close you where you live and you may drive the past and admire it every day. Also, don’t think that you will be a huge success overnight because you will need to be committed to buying and holding your properties so long as you are able to. You must buy within the right location, with the right amount of land content and at the best period of the building cycle (much more about this later).

The main thing to keep in mind is that you will never be paying your investment loan off completely out of your own pocket. You might have three sources of income when purchasing investment properties around Australia (as well as other countries) and they are generally;


Tax deductions


We will begin to break these into more detail in future posts but bear in mind before you begin, it’s essential that you seek proper financial advice from those who specialise in this region as everyone will have different circumstances. I am just not really a financial advisor and definitely don’t profess to learn everything about property investing, however, i would love to share my knowledge, my experiences, my journey and mistakes with anyone who wants to learn and take or continue this journey for themselves

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