How a corporate mindset can boost your Employer Branding

Whether you are in the social or in the industrial sector — everybody is facing the same challenges: getting the right people on board.

As our demographics clearly tell us that we can not expect more candidates in future, we are constantly looking for new solutions to find the right people. And yes, we definately are in a candidate driven market these days. HR marketing, amplified by social media, has become the growing discipline for most companies in the past years. LinkedIn is reporting, that every second recruiter is prioritizing working on Employer Branding– and the number is rising.

Not about talent anymore

As we are in the post war-for-talents season, we are all looking for the right people and we want to get them on the right position. Therefore companies invest high figures for developing new employer branding strategies and campaigns. To attract these promising candidates, they try to tell real life stories to provide evidence of existing development paths and to share authentic life stories. But does this really lead to an USP in terms of HR marketing?

Everything has been said at least once

In most cases we find highly exchangeable wordings, visuals and claims. There’s nothing which has not been said yet, and there’s hardly an HR campaign idea you have not seen before. As Laszlo Bock reflexes on his experience at Google, we have to doubt the effectiveness of larger creative campaigns in terms of hires that last. But what then? Is there anything on the radar we can address?

Communicating a corporate mindset

A corporate Mindset can add a substantial language to your culture. As we all know: culture eats strategy for breakfast. So we have no choice, not to enter the discussion about corporate culture. 
Let´s just pick one aspect, why a corporate mindset is crucial: We wont enable the organization to grow if we do not adress cultural aspects in terms of a creative mindset. You can do some research on IBM´s CEO Study from 2010, why this is unquestionable in times of growing complexity and constantly changing demands.

We can effordlessly address the need for innovation if we do not foster a culture of openness and give room for experimentation. A failure tolerant climate where we can make the learnings is crucial for creativity. People will insinctively smell the lack of an innovation spirit from the very beginning. No HR campaign can hide such core elements.

Adding authentic elements to your Employer Branding, that can withstand the competition, will enrich your HR marketing with substantial assets.

Win at second glance

Once you have set up a powerful HR Marketing it might get you in the first interaction with promising candidates. But what then? The second impression will set the bars for a yes or no — from your candidates.

What kind of elements can you offer, that are not exchangeable?

Talent programs? Home Office? Flexible work hours? Green programs? Smart people and nice Lunch? Come on, we´re still in the me-too-zone.

A corporate mindset can be an singular expression of your corporate values.

By developing a unique look you can frame the discussion adding a powerful, visual language for your whole strategic communication — one that will be remembered. Not only by your your candidates out there, but also by your partners, customers and employees. And your staff is highly interested , whether you take responsibility about your corporate culture and how you engage in fostering a healthy cultural development, or not. How you answer the strategic and cultural questions that lie ahead for all of us in in times of VUCA* will be a determinant for your success.

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* volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity