The Irony of Leadership: We Need More Conflict and Civility

We can create real change when we engage others in conflict to clarify our shared values and what they look like. Civility is not a response to an absence of conflict but the result of engagement. Photo by Sushil Nash on Unsplash
Photo by Obie Fernandez on Unsplash

The Social Change Model

Part of Talking the Talk

When you talk to people about your expectations, it might help to be explicit about what you expect — almost like putting a sign on it that says “This is it!” Photo by Brad Stallcup on Unsplash

Managing Conflict with Civility: Part One

Devise and implement a common method for resolving conflict

Provide people with criteria for making trade-offs

Use the escalation of conflict as an opportunity for coaching

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

To Be Continued



“How Come No One Ever Told Me” is about lessons learned in life that no one ever told me but need to be shared.

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Joseph Rios EdD

I believe leadership is the expression of values. Career Coach | Educator | Writer | Social Justice Advocate | Trainer.