How I Work — Nicole Babic from Maisberger

Nicole Babic works as a social media manager at Maisberger, a PR agency located in Munich, Germany. She has a degree in new media marketing, which concentrates on social media and online marketing. With the calm holiday season she enjoys cooking and baking, but these days social media and marketing are what her hobbies consist of.

What does your daily routine consist of?

In the morning, while I’m having my first cup of coffee, I run through social media through my phone. I always start off by checking our own social media then peeking at the rest of our clients’ social media. On my way to work, by bus or the underground, I read up on what’s been happening and what’s new in the social media world. Then while I’m in the office I go through my email and check the social media reports.

What’s your favorite blog?

There a couple of main blogs that I read: Zielbar and Allfacebook. Both are in German, but Allfacebook has an English version (which is now part of Adweek Blog Network’s SocialTimes). Some other English blogs that I read every now and then are: the HubSpot, Buffer, and Marketo blogs.

What’s your favorite book? And if you are reading a book now, what is it?

The book I’m reading now, also in German, is Die dunkle Seite der Liebe (translation: The Dark Side of Love). I usually enjoy reading novels and crime based books, but lately social media content has been consuming most of my reading time so I’ve been listening to more audio books. I also enjoy reading Sophie Kinsella’s books, in particular Can You Keep A Secret .

What’s your favorite advice you’ve received? And what advice would you give to other?

My favorite advice that I’ve received was from one of my teachers. He said, “Don’t talk, just do it”. And it stuck with me ever since.

Advice that I give regarding social media is trust your gut but always think before you post.

What are your top 3 tools that you can’t live without?

1. Trello
 2. Crowdfire
 3. Canva

Who has motivated you in your life?

No one specific has — I try to be apart of communities and follow other social media managers and people in the social media fields to keep an eye out for what they are doing. I then decide on whether or not I can implement some of the stuff for our company or our clients.

What’s your biggest challenge as a social media manager?

The hardest part is showing the influence of social media and making sure it makes an impact. And one other thing, is making it clear that there is no universal concept for social media.

I sometimes get asked, “Could you just tell me what to do and we can do it on our own?” Not everyone understands there is no one idea that fits all.

“The hardest part is showing the influence of social media and making sure it makes an impact.”

What are some things you do to save time?

We started to work with an editorial calendar, planning our topics, having regular meetings, and making sure to schedule our posting.

Do you listen to music when working?

Yes, sometimes it can get kind of loud around the office so I use Spotify.

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about being a social media manager?

Favorite thing is that I can get really creative and most of the time I’m free to experiment. On the other hand it’s hard to keep up with all the new stuff. But, that can also be a good things since there’s always something new to explore.

Do you have one rule you try to stick to?

What I tell people is that social media is about communication. It’s important to always remember there always should be a dialogue between the company and the client. And the best way is to keep it short and simple so that everyone is able to understand.

Is there a hack that you use or do at work that you’d like to share with other social media managers?

I really try to be active in online communities. If I have any questions I can ask and I’m sure someone else has the same problem or can provide me with a solution so its good to know that we have each other.

Any New Year’s Resolutions?

Usually I don’t make any resolutions since I never stick to them. However, I’ve been struggling finding a balance with social media in my life. Once I pick up my phone I get caught up, so that will be something I’ll be working on this year.

You can follow Nicole on Twitter: @Nicole_Babic

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Originally published at on January 4, 2016.

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