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Inseamly humor.
Note from the editor

Inseamly humor. [Submissions: howpantswork@gmail]

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Jeremy Blachman
Author of Anonymous Lawyer and co-author of the brand-new novel The Curve (http://www.seemanhattanlawschool.com). http://jeremyblachman.com for even more.
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Brian Boone
Contributor at Someecards, The Berry, The Chive, Funny or Die, Looper, Paul Shaffer’s Day in Rock. I edit the Splitsider Humor Section and also make books.
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Molly Schoemann
Humorist, satirist, feminist, smartass.
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Matthew David Brozik
Lone punman. Visit imdb.name
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Robin Epstein
Writer, professor, snorer.
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Caitlin Kunkel
Comedy writer, satirist, and noted pizza scientist. I teach for Second City and take off my pants as soon as I get home. My newsletter: http://bit.ly/2gZwhFa
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Joyce Millman
TV & humor writing at the Village Voice, the New Republic, McSweeney’s. Blog at joycemillman.wordpress.com
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Tommy Paley
I write creative non-fiction, humorous and random short stories, unique and tasty recipes and fiction involving odd and funny relationships. I also love cheese.
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Kimberly Harrington
Contributor McSweeney’s + Funny or Die | Editor + Co-founder RAZED | Creative Director + Copywriter honeystaysuper.com | Agent: @fischerharbage
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Chaco Daniel
Not to brag but I’m only so-so at false modesty.
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Brooke Preston
Comedy writer/satirist. Co-founder of The Belladonna Comedy. Bylines in @thesecondcity, @howpantswork, @reductress, @mcsweeneys, @romper and so on and so forth.
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Renée Millette
Aaron Carter's #1 fan. The millennial version of a drunk grandma. Twitter: @evilrenizzle
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Joseph Thomas
West TN Funeral Director/Embalmer/humor writer for Robot Butt, The Second City, Redeye Chicago, How Pants Work, & The Establishment. josephthomascomedy.com
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Dartanion London
Comedian / Philosopher / Pervert
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Stacey Zapalac
Stacey Zapalac (@smzapalac) is a humor writer based in Chicago, IL. She has studied improv, writing, and satire with The Second City in Chicago.
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Patricia Grant
Writer. Okay-ish.
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