All of the Most Popular Quaalude Parlors of the 1970s

The biggest drug of the ’70s was quaaludes. Like video stores in the ’80s or vape stores today, quaalude parlors were on every street corner and in every mall in the ’70s. Any true child of the ’70s probably remembers going to any or all of these with their parents back in the day.

Ludes for Dudes

Ludo’s Quaaludos

Q & AA

Mom’s Quaaludes

Dan’s Quaaludes

Get a Lude of These

Loads of ‘Ludes


O.K. Ludes


Q Express

Q Brazier


The Great American Quaalude Company

Quaalude House

Quaaludes, Et Al

Quaaludes for Aal

Boz Scaggs’s Ludo Shuffle: A Premium Quaalude Parlor

Bicentennial Quaaludes

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