I am Declaring War Against Language Hackers

There are so many terrible people in the world. There’s ISIS, there are serial killers, there are people who pretend Joe Bonamassa is an interesting guitar player…

And then there are language hackers

They are the maniacal terrorists of the language-learning community. They’ve spent WAY MORE TIME studying marketing than they ever spent learning languages.

I know this because I actually speak one of the most popular “language hacker” languages: Spanish. I speak it very well (for an American.)

How do I know they’re lying? Because they promise that you can get fluent in a few months. And then when people write articles about them, those language hackers spam the comments section talking about how anybody who takes longer than six months to get fluent is probably mentally challenged.

(And they also spend more time checking Google Alerts for their own names than they spend learning a language.)

So this is my open declaration of war. I will not stop until the search term “Fluent in 10 years” is more popular than “Fluent in 2 months.” And considering that the first term has 5 results and the second has 85,000, I’ll need to pack a few extra Patriot Missiles.

On your road to fluency, you will definitely get some use out of The Mexican Spanish Primer. It’s a free 30-minute video course on Mexican words that don’t get taught in formal classes. Most of these are words that I never knew about until I moved to Mexico, and I’d been studying for 12 years before that point. Check it out. It’s totally free.
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