If you want to *actually* learn a language, read this

There are lots of websites out there claiming it’s possible to get fluent in just a few months. The owners of those websites justify their flat-out lies by redefining the definition of “fluent” to the breaking point.

Fluent does not mean “Speaks 200 words.” Gaining fluency is a serious endeavor.

There are no hacks. Anyone who says otherwise is a snakeoil salesman.

So, who the hell am I and why should anyone listen to me?

I’ve spent 17 years learning one language (Spanish), but going deep into it. I’m not one of those fake YouTube “polyglots” who pretend they can speak 43 languages fluently. I’ve lived in Mexico for four years, and I host The Mexico Podcast. Unlike language hackers, I’ve actually achieved fluency.

Now, let’s be fair. There are some people in the world who are innately gifted at language acquisition. They can move to a new country and totally dominate the language in about two or three years.

I am not one of those people. And you probably aren’t either. My method is for normal people.

Honestly, I’m probably BELOW AVERAGE when it comes to learning a new language. But that doesn’t matter, because I live in Mexico, I speak Spanish better than almost any gringo I’ve ever met, and I’ve done it with zero hacks and zero tricks.

If that interests you, check back often, because I’ll be posting stuff that language learners need to hear. It’s stuff that most language teachers don’t tell you. And it’s certainly stuff that get-fluent-quick hucksters won’t tell you.

If you actually want to speak a language fluently, I can promise you with absolute certainty that this blog will help you get there.

Check out DigitalNomad.mx/free to get a 30-minute video course on Mexican Spanish.