How To Be a DJ
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How To Be a DJ

How To Be a DJ Explained

Throughout my life I have been the designated DJ for my friend group, choosing the music we listen to no matter where we are or who we are with. At first daunting, I have learned to love being “the DJ” because it gives me a unique outlook on my social encounters through evaluating what music matches with different people and situations. Managing the music has informed my creation of multiple playlists which represent the various relationships in my life, allowing me to use my skill as “the DJ” to create indirect connections with individuals depending on the social context. The unique composition of each playlist both influences and is influenced by specific relationships and social situations of my life, demonstrating the power of music and how it has expanded my social and self-awareness.

I have become aware of my specific place in social situations through my role as “the DJ.” By interpreting others’ reactions to the music that I play, I can understand the group dynamics and decide where I belong. Determining the right “fit” of the music has helped me form relationships by identifying how I perceive myself and others. The playlists in my archive vary because of the diversity in my relationships and experiences over the years, many of which have prompted me to change as an individual, musically and mentally, because I have learned how to interact with individuals through choosing what playlist to share. Using the music as an extension of my personality, I participate and react in social situations after assessing others’ responses to the music and consequently form indirect connections with those who share similar relations to the music.

My playlists are emblematic of specific relationships I have developed and, through the transition of genres, show my progression as a social individual. For instance, playlists such as “who am i” and “the breakdown of my insanity” are the foundations of my music taste, which in turn represent the foundations of who I was in my relationships and social spheres during the times when I would play those. My playlists are extremely relational, causing me to shift what I play and create based on my awareness of others, showing a transition from my earlier playlists to playlists like “the best” and “dreaming” because those represent who I am now and who I want to surround myself with. There is a clear evolution in playlists because I have learned how to include everyone in the musical conversation by noticing how relationships can be formed and sustained through the medium of music.

Controlling the music not only helps me to form relationships, but also has made me look deeply into my own maturity and development. Because I have taken on the role of “the DJ,” I quickly learned how to interpret how others are feeling in social situations while simultaneously learning how to deal with my own internalized feelings. What may seem like just shuffling a playlist actually involves intense observation, passionate listening, and hyper-empathy, causing me to acknowledge how I contribute and relate to others by carefully selecting the music.

In each of the playlists discussed, I demonstrate how my music has been used as a channel for forming relationships and becoming aware of my place in society. My playlists illuminate how my identity has shifted depending on the situation I am in, exemplifying that I am a socially-oriented learner and that is how I have shaped my identity and the way that I interact with others. Being named “the DJ” has made me realize that communication and human connection can be as simple as singing the lyrics to a song or bopping your head to the beat, because in the end, the point is to simply share those common experiences and feelings with others, creating a unique and effortless bond that is rooted in shuffling Spotify playlists.



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