Bookend story time

Select a book on your shelf and pick two chapters at random. Take the first line of one chapter and the last line of the other chapter and write a short story (no more than 1000 words) using those as bookends to your story.

Blue woke up sometime well before dawn. His vision was blurry. Most likely due to that tree branch that had gone wrong. Fortunately his assistant George had been around to take care of him after he experienced his concussion. Blue reached for the notes beside his desk, left by his assistant for him to update himself on the situation. The notes surmised that no highly dangerous magical activity had been detected in the area of the city where they had determined that the Killer was active. However, George also made the point that they had been analyzing the data from details about previous killings and had found something new: All of the victims had some kind of link to the Mage society of Europe. It was time to investigate. Blue rose out of the bed, and went to get changed and head out.

After a short while, during which he got changed, Blue strode out of his apartment. His trip down in the elevator was used to contact his assistant, and when he walked briskly out of the building a small black car was pulled up, his assistant in the driver’s seat. Magic was often useful for navigating the traffic filled streets that were commonplace in this area. Blue slid into the passenger seat and they drove off towards the mage hideout: an abandoned churchyard.

A zephyr wind whispered through the deserted church grounds, causing the autumn leaves to alight upon Blue. Beside him, his assistant walked. Two scarves lolled gently behind them. The church door creaked as it opened, the two entered the building. Again, a lack of people here, though it was a Sunday, indicated that they had most likely located the correct place. The mages were known for their dislike of people.

As Blue and George walked deeper into the church building, a growing chill in the air alerted them to a strong magical presence. Because of how much energy magic consumed, heat energy was taken from around the air to fuel spells and incantations. Following the cold air, the two investigators came upon a hallway. The air now was approaching freezing. Suddenly, George held up his hand, listened carefully for a few seconds, and then ran down the hallway, motioning for his superior to follow. As they ran, Blue quickly began to hear what had prompted George to run. A man could be heard screaming down the hall. Blue ran faster, quickly running through his mind quick fire spells he could use. They quickly approached the door at which the screaming was coming from. For a split second they hesitated, preparing themselves for a fight, and then they entered.

At the centre of the room, a strikingly good looking man wearing a tailcoat was standing; the cold in the room seemed to be emanating from the pulsing stream of light he was conjuring. In front of him, a man wearing mages robes was hunched on the floor, screaming. The light the man in the tailcoats was controlling rolled around him and looked to be sucking the life out of him. Before either blue or George could move to intercept this strange magic, the screaming was cut short before the man in mage robes crumpled to the ground. Hearing the stifled gasps the two investigators, the man who had been using the magic turned around. His face held a quizzical and bemused look. He queried them, “Now who might I have the pleasure of meeting here?” His voice was pleasant but as he spoke he revealed sharp pointed teeth. Not teeth that those of the vampire species might have, but ones that were altogether more like a daemon. The room was silent for a few moments, as the investigators, unsure of how to respond, paused. “No?” The daemon asked. He gave a small laugh. Then he strode up to them, moving faster than they could react, but at the same time looking like a leisurely pace. “guess I must serve our guests what they are due,” he whispered.

The world exploded into light as the daemon bombarded Blue and George with a combination of spells. Off balance, they both barley managed to defend themselves. Blue quickly redirected a fireball towards the daemon before beginning to chant a defensive spell. George decided on a different course of action and blasted out a multitude of offensive spells while dodging the barrage of fire based spells his enemy used. However, even though they outnumbered the daemon, they were being slowly being forced back, Blue recited an incantation and then quickly looked up, only to see that the daemon smiling, a look of ease plastered across his face. Blue renewed his efforts and chanted faster, words falling out of his mouth. However, only once did Blue manage to force the daemon. Then shadows began to swirl around Blue and George, while the daemon spoke poisonous words on his tongue. They twisted through their defences and wormed around them, George screamed, and Blue realised that he was going to lose this fight, and his life. Then suddenly, he remembered… Friends’ faces, Random spells, Memories of tracking down the killer and everything else flew through his brain, as if it were searching for a solution. Then the screaming stopped, the shadows froze, and a millisecond later the world exploded in soundless burst of light.

First and last sentences from: The Raven Boys, and: The screaming staircase, respectively.

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