An invitation to a clearer path

An ongoing programme of learning how to help others get clear

Developing clarity all year round — for yourself and others

Here’s the plan.

You can’t buy a ticket. If you wanted to sign up for the Clear Course or buy some Clear Ideas cards, you could just go click a button on the How To Be Clear website. But for A Clearer Path, it’s going to start with a conversation. Because everyone will have their own path. And there’ll be a different deal for everyone. If you read the rest of this and feel like you’d like to join, then drop me a line and say something about why — and we can talk.

There are some things that will be the same for everyone.

Everyone will be working with the same set of processes — learning how to get the most from Clear Ideas, Identity Yoga and Initiative Mapping.

Everyone will be learning the processes in order to work with other people and get them clear — whether that’s groups in large organisations, company founders, schoolchildren, doctors, artists, community groups, coaching clients…

Everyone will be part of the same private working group. A critical part of this work is asking for and offering help — and benefitting from different perspectives on ourselves, our work and the world. The group will be there as a source of support and a pool of collaborators — and a lot of that will be on an ad hoc, emergent basis, but it will be underpinned by a monthly group call and a private Facebook group for ongoing conversations.

Everyone will be making a long-term commitment. I offer shorter courses — I work with people individually for shorter periods of time. But this path is for people who want to make a longer-term commitment. Primarily for people who want this work to form a major part of their professional practice (as coaches or consultants or teachers or…whatever they want to call themselves).

Everyone will be contributing to the realisation of one vision. Though everyone will attend for their own reasons, by learning and mastering the processes — and using them to bring clarity to others — you’ll be helping me realise my vision. And my vision for the coming year is to make this work available, in a consistent form, to everyone everywhere.

And there are some things that will be different for everyone.

Everyone will have a deal of their own. The commitment at the beginning of the course will be in the shape of a Clear Deal — that is, we will identify an overlap between what I’m working and what you’re working on and capture that as a Clear Idea. And that will define how we work together for the duration of the year. One person might want to master how to build a clear organisation. Another person might want to work only with individuals. We’ll tailor a path that’s right depending on the work that needs to be done.

Everyone will pay a price that suits them. There won’t be one fixed price for joining A Clearer Path. It will depend on what form of support each person needs — and on what feels affordable and appropriate. And we’ll come to a deal about the money by having a nice, insightful, creative conversation about it. (More often than not it turns out to be self-evident once everything else is clear.) As a kind of yardstick, the basic quarterly fee will normally be between £400 and £800 — with the option of also ‘subscribing’ to monthly one-on-one sessions at a reduced rate.

Everyone will start at different times. There won’t be one intake or an application deadline. The group will slowly increase in size as the right people show up. So, at the start, it’ll most likely be more intimate. Then, later, when more people join in, it’ll most likely be more inventive (as we play around with all the ways in which we might work together).

Everyone will leave at different times. A Clearer Path isn’t like a course where there is a fixed end date. It starts with a commitment and ends with a celebration. And the celebration comes when the original need you arrived with has been met. If you want to feel confident teaching other people the Clear Ideas process and you get to that point — then that’s the end. If you want to map every initiative in an organisation and you manage to pull that off — then that’s when to celebrate. And if that’s shorter than a year — that’s fine. And if that’s longer than a year — that’s fine. We’ll work when there’s a need to be met — and stop when we’re done.

And this is the way I see it happening

In the beginning, there’ll be a very small amount of structure. I’ll be led by the deals that we make. Over the weeks and months, some habits and rituals and forms will emerge. At certain points, there’ll need to be adjustments: being in touch more, being in touch less, tweaking the deal, changing how we communicate. In time, it’ll most likely become a set of formatted training programmes. But not yet.

For now, it’s for those who are already familiar with the work. Who already have some urge to work with it more deeply. Who want to walk a path without needing to know up-front what each step will be.

If you’d like to talk about it, write to me and we’ll see if we can find our way to a path that’s clear.