Content-articulation — Featured student entry#4-B

I want to create a course for upper-intermediate level adult learners in a continuing education ESL class. They have either successfully completed the previous level course or are placed in this level based on a placement exam score. Since this is a continuing education course, my students are enrolled out of their own volition. They are specifically placed in this level for core language skills improvement, rather than strictly learning the Basic English skills. I imagine that all my students are taking this course for career advancement, improving their social and community interactions, or wanting to improve their communication abilities in their home lives. As such, this course intends to provide contents for job hunts and interviews, resume, and cover letter processes; everyday social interactions with coworkers and individuals they encounter in public spaces and online communities; as well as interactions with family members who primarily use English. The purpose of this course is to provide an outlet for my students to holistically use English in these different settings.

As such, these three settings provide ample opportunities for English language use. First, career advancement is always critical knowledge for all working adults. I want to create a unit where we spend time exploring how to create a resume and a cover letter. I also want to workshop job interview sessions and the job hunting process. Second, everyday social interactions with coworkers and general community members are also vital for English language acquisition. This unit will focus on ways to talk about personal matters such as parent-teacher conferences and doctor appointments, but also social interactions about current events in American society with coworkers or friends and community members. This might be in-person or online through email or text message groups. The third setting is interactions with family members. Topics of discussion are similar to the previous setting, but this third setting could also be useful for sharing family history and stories, especially with children.

Throughout these three different settings I want to base it off a Podcast project where my students will record their original content about their experiences with these three different settings. There are definite constraints in terms of materials. I will need voice recording devices from the community college or center where this class will be taught. I will also need computer and Internet access for each of my students to process through some of these contents. In an ideal setting, I hope to teach this class in a community college that will most likely give me access to technological materials and resources. The order of my course will be in reverse from my earlier description: the first unit will focus on family interactions, the second will be on social and community interactions, and the third will be on career advancement. The driving force will be the Podcast project where each student will record at least three episodes, one for each unit based on their experiences and writing pieces. These episodes will vary based on genre such as an interview with family members about cross-cultural stories, a narrative piece about a current event in relation to the student, and a reflection piece about a job interview experience or something work-related. I will workshop the Podcast process for each unit.