How to add auto-updates to your Electron application: An up to date guide

Akash Nimare
Dec 30, 2016 · 2 min read

Lately I’ve been busy creating and maintaining Zulip’s desktop client. It’s been fun and challenging to use HTML/CSS/JavaScript for creating native desktop applications.

Electron has certainly changed the way of building cross-platform desktop apps, but it’s not all rainbows and sunshine in the world of Electron. Adding and configuring automatic updates is still a challenge for most developers.

This article will cover two simple parts -

  • Setting up a releases/downloads server for auto-updater
  • Adding autoupdates to your app

Before proceeding to Part 1 it’s important that you’ve already packaged your app and have gotten it signed, in case you plan on adding auto-updates to a native macOS app. If that’s not the case though, you can follow the single step mentioned in this article to create an installer.

Part 1 - Setting up a releases server

To enable autoupdate you’ll need a multi-platform release server for distributing the application. For this we’re going to use nuts which is a smart release server and uses GitHub as a backend.

Deploying nuts to Herkou -

Steps to follow -

Part2 - Adding autoupdates to your code

Awesome, now let’s write some code to handle the auto-updates.

AutoUpdater function
Add this in your main.js

Above code will enable your app to automatically download the latest version of your app and will prompt a dialog whenever there is an update available.

There are of course other ways to implement auto-updates in your app such as adding a menu item like below:

You don’t want to check auto-updates while development, so you gotta use something to detect it. I’ve used electron-is-dev for the purpose. Also you need to handle Squirrel.Windows event on windows. For this I’ve used electron-squirrel-startup. Don’t forget to add these two modules in your apps package.json file.

(Note — This post was originally posted here —

If you have any trouble adding autoupdates to your electron app, feel free to drop me a tweet 😎

I’m Akash — a physics undergrad and a software developer based in India, focusing mostly on open source ❤ and building tiny side projects. You can find out more about me at or contact me on twitter.

How to electron

How to do X in electron

Akash Nimare

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A messy web developer who likes to write about web, life and motivation. Previously @hackerrank. Currently with @zulip. Open source all the way ❤

How to electron

How to do X in electron

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