5 periods…..

…a day is enough to start a new sentence.

That paragraph you’ve been dreaming about.

That complete essay you always wanted to write.

That semicolon you wanted to learn how to use.

It doesn’t take more than that to get you started on the next line.

5 periods a day is really enough to get you in Top Stories.

Don’t quit this line to get started. Keep from hitting return as long as you can. Until you get scared of writing a whole original thought (which might happen sooner or later anyway).

So instead try to just carve out 5 periods every day.

And then add one space after every single sentence.

For the rest of your story.

Until one day you’ll end up only writing punctuation you love.

Words you care about.

Look. You don’t go from 0 to 100 characters.

First you go from 0 to 1.

And then from 1 to 2.

Next from 2 to 3.

After that from 3 to 4.

Following then from 4 to 6.

Go back from 6 to 5.

Jump ahead from 5 to 7.

Get back on track from 7 to 8.

Think about how 7 ate 9.

Move on from 9 to 10.

Take a break between 10 and 50.

Furiously speed through 50 to 100.

Until maybe one day you’ll end up at 140… (and that’s a full tweet!)


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