Hey, Could Everyone Like And Share This Post?

Please please please please please

Hey everyone. How’s it going? Good? Good! I’m doing okay, fine, but I would be doing even better if you could do me a favor and like and share this post. I’m done being coy. I won’t mince words. What I’d like to accomplish today, and tomorrow, and into the end of the year, is to get a lot of likes and shares.

So: Could you please like and share this post?

Here’s three good reasons to like and share this post:

  1. The time for not being liked and shared is in the past.
  2. The time for being liked and shared is now.
  3. Please like and share this post.

Fine, I’ll spin it to you in another way. This is like a GoFundMe but I’m not asking you for money, and isn’t that better? Instead of having to rifle around in your jacket pocket for your credit card so you can type in your credit card number, all you must do is like and share this post. You can do that without moving from your chair, without even moving from your current position on your chair to another position on your chair.

You only need one hand. One finger. In fact, if you are very skilled, you might not even need one finger at all.

“But Kelly Catchpole,” you might be saying. “For me to like and share a post, it needs to have content.”

You want content? Ho-HO, I’ve got your content. Have I got content — boy oh boy. Here it is, bullet pointed, just how you like it:

  • Tiny Houses Sure Are A Thing
  • It Is A Good Idea To Be Creative
  • We’re Teaching Math In Schools, But How Well?
  • Feminism: Happening In Some Specific Ways
  • What Politics And Voters Can Teach Us About The Culture

Wowwee! Bet you weren’t expecting that much.

I’ll be plain: Look. What I need is likes. What I want is shares. I have goals, okay, dreams, and the best way for me to accomplish those is through hard work and dedication, which I’m doing for sure also, but the second-best way for me to accomplish it is with the priceless yet cheap support from you.

Priceless yet cheap! Priceless, yet cheap! How often does that happen? It costs you nothing, nary a thing, a ha’penny, a tuppence, other currencies, I don’t know, just like this post. This post cost me nothing and to like to costs you nothing. Commerece.

“Here’s a pull quote. This is the important part you should highlight when you share this post.”

This doesn’t have to be one-sided. Let’s be friends, okay? We can be friends and just chat. I have things to offer you as well. I can reciprocate. If you like and share, I have things to offer. Heck! Actually! To show you what a good person I am, I’ll actually up-front some cool things free of charge. Before you even like, before you even share, here’s some cool stuff I’d ordinarily give to my friends, which I am giving to you now, as we are to be great friends, I think!

This is a good recipe for a soup!

This is a backpack I bought from ikea for just 5 dollars, a good fine bargain!

Here is some relaxing music I listen to when I am stressed out at work!

There, now. Aah, feel it? Ah, good, now!

I have fed you, I have given you something to carry your books in, I have soothed your temperamental soul. Now if you’re interested in doing a favor for me in return, you could like this post. And then share it.

Or, heck, share it and then like it, in whichever order, either or.

So like this post. Share this post.

Only if you want to. You don’t have to. But if you could, that would be good.