How To Money — Submission Guidelines

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How To Money is a financial education platform for young Australians. Our mission is to get young Australians talking about personal finance, and give them the resources to guide them in their financial education journey. We do this through the How To Money Podcast, How To Money Medium site and through encouraging conversations around money and personal finances online.

How To Money Submission Guidelines

We welcome writers of any age, and are happy to accept content from organisations that want to reach out to our target audience. The main requirement for content on the How To Money platform is suitability and usefulness to our target audience.

We endeavour to provide our readers with an independent approach to personal finance, and may occasionally post independent product reviews that have been sponsored, if we see value for the How To Money audience.

We would love to publish your money stories, and are happy to work with you to provide the content in a range of formats. We are committed to sharing writing from a diverse range of people, so we hope you feel welcome to submit your ideas and drafts to us.

Submission Criteria

  • Ideal word count between 400–600 words (usually 3–5 minutes to read)
  • Content aimed towards our target audience of 18–25 year old’s with limited financial exposure
  • Engaging and useful content that encourages people to think and talk about money
  • Your own writing, that has not previously been published online in other publications
  • Relevant to a primarily Australian audience

What We Believe at How To Money

  • We believe that financial literacy is an important skill set that all young Australians should be exposed to, and given the resources to grow.
  • We believe that young Australians should feel comfortable around financial concepts, and feel confident when discussing the subject of money with their friends and family.
  • We believe that a solid foundation in financial education leads to lifelong benefits.
  • We believe that financial topics should be spoken about and shared, in ways that young Australians can understand and relate to.
  • We believe in honesty, full-disclosure and discussion around financial concepts and products.

If you’re interested in submitting your writing to How To Money for consideration, please send us a message at or DM us on Twitter @HowToMoneyAUS.

Kate — HTM Founder & Editor