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HTM January 2021 Wrap-Up

Dear How To Money Reader,

I hope you’ve had a great start to 2021 and your financial goals and habits for the new year and still on track. I’m really excited to let you know that I’ve finally launched the Australian Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) course over on Rask Education, and guess what — it’s free!

I’ve put together all my favourites resources and information on the FIRE movement, particularly from an Aussie context, so I hope you enjoy it. Also, since it’s just version one, I’d love to hear what other ideas, resources and information that should be included, so I can make it even better.

Enrol for free here!

“Improvement is a battle that must be fought anew each day.

Your next workout doesn’t care how strong your last one was.

Your next essay doesn’t care how popular your last one was.

Your next investment doesn’t care how smart your last one was.

Your best effort, again.” ~James Clear

Interesting Articles From Around The Web

“Investing ability is unproven until it’s survived a disaster. So be careful when identifying skill, whether your own or others.”

If you’re a fan of Redbubble, I’ve put up some personal finance related designs, so you can support the podcast and keep yourself motivated along your journey! Check them out over here.

Enjoy the Summer holidays!

Kate — HTM Founder & Editor

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