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HTM June 2020 Wrap-Up

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Dear How To Money Reader,

Welcome to a brand new financial year, and what a year it’s been! To say it’s been a significant period is an understatement, and so many of our financial plans have been completely flipped on their head. This past financial year has taught me that your plans can completely change in an instant, that everyone needs an emergency fund and the importance of being flexible in all aspects of your life.

One thought pattern that has helped me deal with everything thrown my way over the last few months, is considering what I can and can’t control, and focusing of dealing with the matters that fall into the “can control” basket. Sadly there’s so much happening in the world that we can’t control right now, that we need to tune out the noise and focus on what’s in front of us. The excerpt below is from an article by a pro-poker player, and provides a fascinating perspective on chance and making peace with what we can’t control.

“What do we control and what don’t we control, and can make the most of the former while making our peace with the latter. There’s nothing quite like that game of cards to consolidate one central lesson: Chance is just chance. It is neither good nor bad. Without us to supply meaning, it’s simple noise. The cards don’t know or care who you are. They have no concept of fairness. They are just dealt — and we are left to deal with the fallout, to interpret the noise. And so, the most we can do is learn to set aside what we can do nothing about and, instead, focus on controlling what we can.”

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I hope you have a productive and educational month.

Until next month,

Kate — HTM Founder & Editor

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