Presenting 3D Models
in Bunkr

Add 3D Models in Your Presentations

3D modelling has been around for a few years, although as 3D printing becomes more accessible, the need to create and present 3D models increases. Unfortunately, most presentation platforms still don’t support 3D models. Unlike most presentation platforms, Bunkr hasn’t forgotten about 3D modelling. With Bunkr, you’re able to present 3D files that are hosted on websites such as Sketchfab!


Sketchfab is a French based website used to display and share 3D content online. Sketchfab is free with limited usage and is upgradable allowing users to upload files as large as 500MB at a time.

  • Go onto Sketchfab and search for the 3D Model you’d like to present
  • Copy the URL for the 3D Model
  • Click on the More button on your Bunkr slide, paste the code and click on the Add button

It’s that simple! In less than a minute you can add your online 3D models into your presentation! With Bunkr, you can easily present any form of online content.

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