Figs and Olives

Free image by Steve Buissinne, from Pixabay

Surah 95, Al-Tin

We created humanity in the most beautiful form (v. 4)

Human beings were, or are, created for the best that God can give, beautiful in diversity. This is shaped by how we live our lives, there are tendencies to pull us toward being ‘the lowest of the low’ (v.5). God offers rebalancing, through believing and prayer — reorientation and focus on the…




An introduction to the Quran for everyone (background image and logo by chiplanay from Pixabay)

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Julian Bond

Julian Bond

Grant maker; writer #JesusRediscovered; former CEO @chrismusforum; freelance interfaither @stethelburgas, @UKHousingFast @johnsw. Vegetarian, Muslim ally.

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