How to stay consistent in your side hustle(s) whilst working full time.

Hannah Ajala
May 31, 2018 · 3 min read

The internet can be a super influential place, but I think when speaking about the full time/creative world, no one should be telling you to quit your job. I’m tired of seeing that option being promoted as if the person promoting this ‘advice’ puts money into your bank account.

That decision is completely up to you.

Many would call me a workaholic, whilst people who actually know me personally continue to praise the art that I’ve only mastered recently — and that’s how to remain consistent with everything else outside of my ‘9 to 5.’

I’m a full-time journalist and love my job, and the 9–5 working world is something I’m familiar with, as they are the working hours I and several other people became used to, but for me at present, those aren’t my current hours; it’s more of a 7am to 5pm, 9.30pm to 7.30am overnight, or 12 to 10pm! I work and present on a 24 hour news programme so my schedule is a bit nuts. However, I’m still able to find time for my side hustles and projects. I’m a real big believer in the whole “you have the same 24 hours as Beyoncé” mantra. We can all find time.

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Outside of my job, I run three different communities — Ladies Who Fellowship in the City (launched in 2014), Pursue Your Passion (launched in 2015) and Black British Travel Meet Up (launched in 2017).

These side hustles consist of social media handling on a daily basis, responding to emails, setting up and prepping for events, and effective networking! It’s all a bit mad, but IS manageable. Here’s how I make it happen and things that help:

Plan ahead — the same way you have a rough idea of what you’ll be doing over the next year in your 9 to 5 should also reflect the same with your projects and future planning. It will make you feel (and be) more organised knowing that you’ve thought ahead. How many events? What do you hope to branch into? Who would you like to collab with?

Team work makes the dream work — sounds a cliché but it’s so true! I run two of my side-hustles with a partner each and it’s a big stress reliever knowing you’re not alone — especially when it gets stressful and you can equally vent. Bouncing ideas and plans off each other is such a refreshing learning experience, as well as being open to constructive criticism. If you don’t have a partner, expand your team — get interns! If your brand or side hustle has done relatively well, you’d be surprised how keen someone else would be to join your team — so spread the word. Remember, going together takes you further than going alone!

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Be organised with social media (if the side hustles include them) — in this day and age, almost every brand or project comes with social media accounts. Instagram and Twitter I would say are huge right now — LinkedIn too. Utilise how often and consistent you plan to be with these platforms, come up with a rota/plan, anything! It’ll be hard to measure growth if you’re not considering consistency with this one.

And don’t forget about you. I’m a big believer in all kinds of self-care. I travel as often as I can and forcibly set out time for me. Taking time out in a different country helps me to refresh and refuel, and enjoy myself. Exercising also helps, socialising with friends and catching up, praying, and SLEEP.

Don’t listen to the “sleep when you’re dead” type. You need sleep for fuel! I get 6–8 hours most nights without fail.

Start when you’re ready, and know you can stay consistent in what you hope to launch and thrive in. You’d be surprised at the results too — and remember: if you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never be ready.

How to stay consistent in your side hustle(s) whilst working full time.

Make the most out of your side hustles outside of work

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