10 Reasons To Quit Your Job

Brian Honigman
Jun 17, 2013 · 3 min read

By Brian Honigman

Why you should leave your job & start your career.

As my very first post on Medium, I wanted to talk about what I’ve been up to and how what I’ve learned from this experience can help others.

Just a few days ago, I quit my job at Marc Ecko after working there for two years. It was a difficult decision, but I couldn’t be happier. I can’t explain how much I learned and grew as a professional at Ecko and couldn’t be happier with the relationships and friends that I made. It was a true honor but nevertheless, it was perfect timing for me to move forward with my career and explore other opportunities.

Quitting was hard and got me thinking about all the reasons why people don't quit, even though they should. Now I’m a full-time marketing consultant, freelance writer and speaker working with both big brands and small startups. It’s an exciting leap of faith that has already taught me a lot.

This isn't for everyone but if you have a good plan and save up extra money, here’s 10 reasons why you should quit your job today and attempt to do what you really love.

1. You aren't progressing professionally or expanding your skill set.

2. If you can't see yourself at this company or role in 3 years.

3. You disagree with the values, mission or goals of the company.

4. This position isn't necessary since you consistently run out of things to do at work.

5. Defending your role at the company is valued more than completing the task and responsibilities of the position.

6. Money is solely driving your professional decisions, not your ambitions.

7. If you are using excuses like “I’m too inexperienced.” “I’m not qualified.” “I’ll be pregnant soon, can’t switch jobs yet.”

8. You are surround by unmotivated people with bad attitudes. Complainers are everywhere.

9. You’re overworked and underpaid for the time and effort you put forth.

10. Most importantly, if you aren’t happy. We work our whole lives, it’s crucial to love your job or at least a part of it.

Are you unhappy with your job? Don’t be. Do something about it to better your future and your life. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, there’s 3.7 million jobs vacant in the United States today due to a shortage of qualified workers.

Now’s the time to explore new opportunities and work in a more fulfilling career aligned with your passions and interests. What’s stopping you?

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    Stories, how-to’s, guides and interviews on how to succeed at life.

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