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2 little things to remember for black and white photos

Now that you are always shooting in RAW, there is absolutely no reason to ever switch your camera to Black and White mode.

When creating an album or an exhibition, never mix black and white shots with colour photos or with sepia.

Photo editing software can transform RAW images to black and white exactly the same as your camera. You can play with all sorts of cool effects but if you put your camera into black and white mode while shooting… chances are you have just lost the possibilities of colour. OK sometimes you may want to check how your photo looks on the spot if you are doing a black and white photoshoot or something… maybe.

Creating an exhibition with mixed styles is just annoying. Imagine going to an art gallery that has all Picasso and then suddenly seeing a modern photograph. It just doesn’t fit. Also, have you ever watched a black and white movie? When you think back to that movie, the scenes and the action, do you remember it in colour? That’s what happens with black and white. As you browse through the pieces, your brain starts to put the colour in for you as it adjusts to the idea. But if you interrupt it’s adjustment period with the occasional colour photo or vice versa, you ruin this effect.

Once a week I will post a travel photography tip. Sometimes a large one, sometimes a small one. The idea is to help you become a better photographer while travelling in a foreign land taking the most interesting pictures of your life. Enjoy!