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Why you need to level that horizon

Levelling the horizon is such an easy win and these days most cameras come with some kind of guide to help you with this as you are taking the shot.

A grid superimposed on the viewfinder is common on digital viewfinders, you can show or hide it quite easily. A spirit-level indicator is more common on reflex viewfinders, showing up down the bottom as a moving bubble or as a completely new screen on the LCD.

Electronic spirit level

But if you’ve already taken the photo, never fear, you can adjust it quite precisely with something like Lightroom like so: Click the crop button, then hold down Command and the cursor will change to a ruler. Now simply draw a line along the horizon and it will magically level your horizon!

Levelling the horizon in Lightroom.

Such a small thing, but now that you know it you will notice it on all of your friends photos and cringe.

Once a week I will post a travel photography tip. Sometimes a large one, sometimes a small one. The idea is to help you become a better photographer while travelling in a foreign land taking the most interesting pictures of your life. Enjoy!