New Year, New Me 🎉

It is, of course, extremely cliche.

For many of us when it gets to a certain time of year you can’t help but think ‘how was my year?’ and then straight into ‘what’s my focus next year?

For me, I realised I achieved a lot in 2018. Some important milestones at work, and some personal ones, like getting engaged.

In 2019 though I need some more focus.

I have always been fascinated by data. How we can use data to create the feedback loops that enable us to improve. How we can use it to drive meaningful decisions.

Think of Google Analytics. We use it to check the popularity of our web pages, perhaps tweaking them to increase our ratings.

Simple feedback loops like this are the foundation of success in many things. Software development is a great example, how we iteratively improve code in every release cycle based on feedback.

Perhaps more impressively this simple principle is used in Artificial Intelligence so that machines, computers, can iteratively learn a set of actions, decisions or metrics.

It’s actually a little more complex than that…

So my challenge to myself, starting in 2019 is to learn everything I can about Artificial Intelligence, from Machine Learning to Deep Learning and beyond.

I plan to write about my journey here, on my new blog: How To Train A Computer.