What is in a Trippix Videographer Profile?

At trippix, we believe that finding and reserving your dream wedding videographer should be simple, transparent and online. All about that here.

So keeping this mind, we created a videographer profile that we believe, will give couples all they need to compare, discover and ultimately book their dream wedding videographer. To demo, we’ve partnered with jason magbanua to showcase the different components of his trippix profile below.


First, is the portfolio. Front and center of every trippix profile is the videographer’s body of work. We catalog each video by title and location and we let couples immediately see the amazing work of the videographer.

Packages and Pricing

Second and something a lot of couples’ ask is the pricing and packages. We’ve made all this information available as well, on the trippix profile page of the videographer. Couples can now see descriptions and prices offered by videographers.


Heart Rates and Reviews

Third, and really helpful for newer couples, is the videographer’s review section. this allows couples to see the opinion of other folks about the work of the videographers on the platform. We believe in an open marketplace and therefore we strongly encourage our community to heart rate videos and videographers on the site.


Fourth and the next step after reviewing a videographer’s profile is to inquire about the videographer’s services. Inquiries are now seamless and easy with trippix. You can quickly message videographers for questions and details about your wedding. Moreover, this is all available via email so you can sync messages across email and the app without having to go to the app all the time.


Along with inquiries is the ability to immediately determine the videographer’s availability. Without any back and forth, you can now instantly see if your dream videographer is available for your wedding date.

Online Payments and Reservations

Fifth and final is online reservation and payments of videographers. Once you have decided on a videographer, there’s no need to wait. You can immediately reserve and pay for the videographer online instantly. This means no physical bank transfers, no back and forth emails and no waiting!

We hope this gives you a quick glance of how easy it is to discover, reserve and pay for your dream wedding videographer using trippix. Thanks for checking this out and happy booking!

For questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@trippix.net.