How we built an Open-Source Hospital Management System using React

The story so far…

It all started about a year ago, the zeal to learn, the thirst for knowledge, the mindset to stop learning by tutorials but building a real app which would be used in real life. I and a couple of other guys, both experienced and newbies, came together to come up with a Hospital Management System, though we did not have a picture of how it would look, we were ready to start something. We tried a lot of approaches, including building everything from the ground up using Express.js, a node.js framework. But then, we realized there are a lot of new technologies which have been developed to make it easy for us to build scalable apps. We divided ourselves to teams, backend guys and frontend. I was still pretty new then, so I opted for frontend. Someone suggested we use React for the frontend, our mentor, Idris Dangana, who is also a team member took us on introduction to React. Aminu Bin Ibraheem provided us with tutorial videos, this was how we set to start building the app. A lot of things, terms, methodologies etc. were new to us, but with perseverance and also google search, we pulled it through. Most of the team members dropped off at the early stage, only three were left including myself. After four months of intensive practice, we were able to get the first module up and running.

We continuously added features over the next few months, including modules that target the task of each department in a hospital, Records, Doctor, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Account. Some of them are completed while some are still under development.

So why have decided to Open-Source this solution?

Though we began the development with the intention of learning, we decided to Open-Source it because we want to give back to the developer community, also give other developers the opportunity to contribute and also benefit from the project. If smarter solutions are built out of this, the cost of Hospital Management Softwares can be reduced and affordable Hospitals in Nigeria.

Where are we going?

Currently, we don’t have enough hands on the project, there’s only three of us working on the project now, so we would appreciate more hands in many other ways which we ourselves can not tackle right now because of the technical know how. Our dream is to reform the Health Institutions in Nigeria and the whole world at large. Some hospitals in Nigeria cannot afford to get a Hospital Management Software because of the price, we know this because we have gone out on many occasions to seek their opinions, so if we could bring down the price to the barest minimum, it is also a way of contributing to our society.

In what ways can you contribute?

There are a whole lot of features yet to be implemented, so you could help by suggesting features, forking the project to identify issues and fix them, even building an extension of the app for yourself. We also need more hands on the management. The documentation also needs help in many ways, feel free to open pull requests.


Special appreciation goes to our mentors, Idris Abdulkadir Dangana and Aminu Bin Ibrahim, their supports and advise are immeasurable, we immensely grateful for everything. I am glad to have been a member of Facebook Developer Circles, Kano, this is the umbrella that brought the team together. Appreciations to the team members, Mustapha Issa Toyin and Aminu Bin Ibrahim, Idris Abdulkadir Dangana, Aliyu Ibrahim Suliman for the relentless contributions. Special gratitude to Dicebox Innovation Hub (DI Hub) for making this possible by giving us all the necessary resources for the success of the project. Also, thanks to you that is reading this post, we look forward to your support.


This project is currently being fully supported by Brainstorm IT Solutions and Dicebox Innovation Hub. We need more support from everyone. Find the link to the repository below

Contribute to bits-his/bits-his development by creating an account on GitHub.

The demo app is currently hosted on heroku. Find it here:

Hospital Management System

How we built an Open-Source Hospital Management System using React

First Open Source Developer in Nigeria Using React js

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How we built an Open-Source Hospital Management System using React

First Open Source Developer in Nigeria Using React js