Crazy Sex Life in Nature


We all know the drill, in human biology, XX gives a girl, XY gives a boy. But what if it was not as simple? Have you ever thought of all the other species on earth and how THEY do sex?

You may know that turtles sex is determined by temperature. But how about insects, plants, worms, or fish? If I told you that bacteria living in some species can determine if they will be a girl or a boy?

There are actually multitudes of ways to make sex and some of them are unimaginable. Sex determination systems are so diverse in nature that researchers have put together a Tree of Sex.

This blog series will be a portal to the world of the crazy sex life in nature. We may not be able to talk about all types of sex determination systems but we will share to you some of the weirdest and most unique systems that will give you an edge in social conversations! So stay tuned!

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