Utopia Philosophies

Our philosophies guide us to our true north.

Our Design Philosophy

It should be special. We have short lives. Concentrate more time on designing fewer but unique solutions. Leave behind something special.

Be intuitive. We feel our way into things. Our intuition is a sense but is also hyper-logical, made up of millions of data points we experience throughout our lives that culminate into what we intuit for any given situation. We go with our intuition.

Form and function are equally important. Our default is to look at something as an integrated whole, so we don’t separate these. We pay attention to both. Both need to work well.

Go for uncluttered. We design for clean lines and uncluttered environments. In a world of increasing complexity, simplicity is the gift we can give each other.

Light colors signal simplicity. Light neutral colors dominate our designs, with intentional and spare use of accent colors. And shoot for an abundance of natural light. This type of environment creates room in the mind for creativity to emerge.

Our People Philosophy

Designers against complexity. Core to our teams will be designers who have experience squeezing simplicity out of complexity. They will be well trained in human centered design and understand how many different parts integrate together. We march to the beat of their drum.

Quality over quantity. We aim to keep our organization’s team as small as possible.

Small is better than big. Ideally we should organize ourselves in working teams of no more than five people. This allows us to move quickly with ease of communication.

Diversity is crucial. We’re working across many environments and cultures and situations. We need an array of perspectives on our teams.

Like-minded. And yet we need to share one mind and vision that our purpose is to create a new paradigm for slums in this century.

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