Start Anywhere, Anywhen, Anyhow, now!

At some point, there comes a time when you get haunted by your dreams. At this point ideas have cluttered up inside you and you feel like your head might explode.
Your visions feel clearer and the unlimited world of possibilities gets opened to you. It’s like you have your key to freedom, the time is right you want to leap but there’s just one problem; “where to start”

Where to start
 The optimal starting problem has been the bane of creators,motivators and great people for so long. The optimal starting problem deals with having to m ake the right decisions on when to start something important, how to start something important and every other right decision that goes with it. The problems might not necessarily be lack of knowledge on how to start, but the notion that one want’s to start in “a right way”. It’s like wanting to get it absolutely right and get it absolutely right the first time.
Seeing the problem, I’d rather call this “the right way problem”. It’s the feeling that makes you just want to get it “just right”, it fuels you with the “no mistakes” notion; a feeling that drags one’s creative thoughts through the unhealthy path of standards.

Standards are the norms that already exist
Innovations are the diverges away from that norm

1 thing you should know is creative thoughts are not bound to standards because to be creative is to diverge away from the usual things.
To be creative is to have the will to do things differently.
So you have the idea? You have a list of implementations? Pick the one that fascinates you the most, explore; Take that leap!