7 Reasons Creators Earn More on Howdoo

Why Howdoo means more revenue for musicians, streamers, and other creators

Matt Hall
Matt Hall
Oct 5, 2018 · 4 min read

On most social media platforms, it’s pretty hard to make a living. The content that gets the most views and likes usually comes from full-time creators — those who already have the time and income to dedicate all of their working hours to their passion.

Even many full-time creators struggle to make ends meet on these social platforms. If a platform changes its rules about who makes money, for example, creators have to adapt or go hungry.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Fortunately, Howdoo is coming. Howdoo is a new social media platform built entirely with content creators in mind. Our goal is to give content creators of all kinds — artists, musicians, gamers, cosplayers, health bloggers, beauty influencers, and more — new ways to earn a fair living from sharing what they love.

Here are the features we’re working on rolling out for Howdoo.

More Control

With Howdoo, we’re all about giving users control. That also means our creators as well. You’ll be able to control where your content is shared using blockchain-based security to ensure only the people you’ve approved see it.

This also helps you grow your brand through personas, our feature that empowers you to manage multiple brand personas with one account.

More Fair Revenue Sharing

On most social media platforms, users come for content shared by other users. But then the platforms themselves mix advertisements in with the user content. Advertisers pay for this naturally, but do users or content creators get a dime? Usually not.

This isn’t true for all platforms — YouTube does give a small share of ad venue to its content creators — but in generally the equation is very lopsided. Creators aren’t compensated fairly for their contributions.

Howdoo will change this. Content creators will get a more fair share of ad revenue, helping provide a more lucrative revenue stream for the awesome content they share.

More Merch Sales

Want to easily sell t-shirts, tickets, posters, and other merch? If you’re on most social platforms, your only option is to link to a third-party site where your store lives.

On Howdoo, creators will be able to sell merch directly from the platform. No matter what you want to sell, Howdoo will give you a built-in tool where you can set up your own shop.

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Photo by Matthew Kalapuch on Unsplash

More Exclusive Event Tickets

Turns out selling tickets to exclusive broadcasts is hard for most platforms. This forces you to push your fans to another platform when it’s time to perform.

On Howdoo, you’ll be able to sell exclusive event tickets for your live broadcasts. Give your fans the chance to watch you perform like they’re in the room, watching a one-on-one show.

More Channel Subscription Payment Options

Want to offer tiered subscriptions, giving your audience the choice between “fan” and “super fan”? There’s no way to do this on YouTube.

But Howdoo will let you do this.

With more channel subscription payment options, you’ll be able to earn more from your top fans. This also gives you the option to reward them.

More Exclusive Content Controls

Want to keep a stream, update, or entire channel visible to only a select few who have purchase access? On Howdoo, you’ll be able to do this with built-in features. No longer will you have to integrate third-party platform

More Data

Finally, Howdoo believes in complete transparency when it comes to sharing data with its creators. You’ll be able to see all the information your fans have chosen to share. We believe this is the best of both worlds as it respects the privacy of fans while also giving verifiable insights into your fanbase.

Reserve Your Username Now

Howdoo’s public beta is launching this fall.

Want in? (We know you do!)

Then visit www.howdoo.io and sign up to reserve your unique username.

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