Howdoo Feature Roadmap

Jason Sibley
May 21, 2019 · 4 min read

(updated 2nd Aug ‘19)

The purpose of this post is to keep our community and users up to date on our feature roadmap and to gather feedback on new features for consideration.

Current Status

We are live on Web, iOS and Android. Whoohoo. We are feature testing with around 1k users, and plan to invite our 70k pre-sign ups in in the next few weeks (although technically anyone can download and join in).

WE LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK (just to get the point across ;) ). It is very important to us! We would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete our latest DEV update forms below if you are testing the app — Please select which is relevant to you. — These are closing early next week…

Android —


Desktop —

Example Feed of Channels in Howdoo Web Browser

Features Roadmap

What is Live

All key features are live, including posting, pictures, videos, messaging, chat, video streaming (including picture in picture) and channels.

Me with my Founders badge.

Please note that everyone that pre-registered for a username will get a unique Founders badge on their account.

The Howdoo Wallet

Summary: Encrypted and secured Howdoo wallet enable storing of multiple currencies and the uDoo token. Tip posts and send payments to your friends and family.

As discussed in our Telegram group, we cannot implement the wallet until we’ve concluded the load testing on the launch supporters content, including video and live streaming.

The wallet will also be updated later in the year to allow Fiat/local currency to crypto purchases and withdrawals with no KYC for withdrawals under $100.


  • Tipping.
  • Send/receive payments.
  • Public/private address.
  • Transaction history.
Notifications in Howdoo

Summary: Overhaul of notifications & settings for Howdoo profiles. Improved user experience for clearer and more detail notifications and increased setting options.


  • Notifications redirection (comments, subscribers, likes, follows).
  • Private/public settings.
  • Overhaul of setting design.
Discover feature and Blogging

Summary: Discover feature for feeds, streams and channels. Users can like particular categories or they allow the algorithm to push recommended channels and streams to the user.

Users can upload blogs using our custom blog editor tool on either their channels or user profile.


  • Custom blog posts.
  • Discover, trending, popular, categories channels.
  • Discover, trending, popular, categories, top streamers, on streams.
Subscription channels in Howdoo

Summary: Build custom subscription package for your channels. Receive payments from paid subscribers directly into your Howdoo wallet.


  • Recurring membership.
  • Weekly, monthly, yearly payment dates.
  • Subscription paywall on channel accounts.
Our second major refactoring after the addition of new features

Summary: Improvement of user experiences through minor design changes. Elements include internal Howdoo video player and ability to message users straight from their profile.


  • Overall Design improvements.
  • Internal Howdoo video player.
  • External embedding of Howdoo video player.

The development roadmap will continue to be updated as we roll forward through the feature implementation.

Future Features

We will be adding a form just here, so you can submit feature suggestions that we will review as a team, if selected to go forward, we’ll update on where it sits in the roadmap.

Remember to check back for more details, but for now, here is some more info on Howdoo.

Howdoo is a blockchain-powered social media platform that puts you in control. It’s a single application that combines all the best features of existing social media apps, but with a radical new approach to content creation & monetization.
* Users own their own data and decide what and how to share.
* Users can receive attention based income for allowing passive advertising.
* Feature rich platform for users and content creators, with PiP video streaming and more.
* Content creators have access to unique and fair monetization models, including tipping with the uDoo which the content creator retains 100%.
* Built with blockchain for speed and security.

Watch this video to see the utility of our token.

Howdoo is currently live on web, and in the iOS and Android app Stores. Join us now iOS — or on Android —

You can buy uDoo’s on Cointiger, Idex , Exmarkets or on HaloDex.
* Follow us on twitter —
* Join us on Reddit —


Revolutionising the way we communicate, share and transact

Jason Sibley

Written by

CMO of Howdoo, a Social Media Platform built in the blockchain, giving power to users, and unique monetisation options to content creators.



Revolutionising the way we communicate, share and transact

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